Introducing the D-Lock Tilt

When Productivity is Paramount Demand the D-Lock tilt.

Compact in design, powerful and virtually maintenance free, the D-Lock Tilt Coupler incorporating a precision built actuator, ensures trouble free operation.

• Integral overload protection
• Simplified connections and controls
• Fully guarded hoses
• No unwanted movement
Up to 180 degrees of tilt
Actuator only has two moving parts and is triple sealed



The D-Lock is standard on the D-Lock Tilt and available for use on all Tiltrotators.

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D-Lock Coupler: Dual Pin Locking Plus (DPL+) System

Front lock automatically engages the moment the rear jaw is activated negating any chance of the bucket falling off if the operator misses the rear pin.

DPL+ safety system locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement forces.

DPL+ safety system ensures attachments cannot swing on the front pin in the event of loss of engagement forces.

Safety first – the D-Lock Coupler Fully complies to AS13031:2023 and EN474 Standards and ISO 13031 International standard, and all major contractor policies.

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D-Lock Tilt Features

  • Compact design – improving machine performance
  • Simplified connections and controls
  • No unwanted movement
  • Actuator only has two moving parts and is triple sealed
  • Only requires four hydraulic lines
  • Integral overload protection standard from 4 tonne upwards
  • Fully guarded hoses
  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt
  • No pins or bushes to wear out

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The D-Lock Tilt is the only tilting coupler currently available with a dual pin locking coupler, making it one of the safest couplers available globally.


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D-Lock Tilt: The Internals

Doherty Power Actuator at a Glance

  • Slim structure
  • Maintenance-free
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Simple assembly
  • Triple sealed
  • Specifically designed for excavator attachments
  • Only two moving parts
  • Integral relief valve
  • Wide tilting range, up to 180 degree tilt range

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