We are striving towards a Plastic Free work environment. Continually we're revising and assessing what we do and saying NO to plastic at every opportunity.

We've already implemented the following changes, whilst adhering to strict ISO compliance standards, to hold ourselves accountable:

  • Eliminated all shrink-wrap and bubble wrap from our entire product range
  • Plastic corners around our products have now been substituted for cardboard
  • Water resistant wax paper has replaced the plastic lining inside our product crates


It’s not just about what WE do though. To make an impact on the world’s plastic crisis, we need to work collectively. That’s why we're working with key suppliers and have implemented sustainable processes to help everyone achieve a ‘No Plastic’ future.

One process we're proud to have introduced is our exchangeable pallet service with key suppliers. This has allowed us to move away from shrink wrap when shipping smaller parts.

A ‘’No Plastic’ future is something we all agree is the future we need. Doherty are committed to constantly improving the way we do business to ensure all of us, and future generations, can enjoy a prosperous world together.

Plastic Free - Proudly Doing Our Bit for the Environment - Doherty Couplers and Attachments