ATD Civil Group

“Deciding to go with Doherty was an easy choice to make when starting ATD. Our investment into reliable, high-quality gear, and dedicated work ethic have been fundamental to our early success.”

Andrew Harrison, Director at ATD Civil Group

SouthCut Plant and Civil

“The main reason we have, and still use Doherty, is because we never have any problems. Our Hitachi/Doherty combination outlasts and outperforms all other brands due to their superior durability and reliability.”

Tom Hance, Director of SouthCut Plant and Civil

MD Group

“With Doherty, anything we need, they have had it sorted straight away – we can’t ask for much more than that.”

Michael Steadman, Director of MD Group

Collective Contractors

“Collective Contractors started using Doherty attachments in 2018 and haven’t wavered because the product quality is unparalleled.”

Simon Long, Finance Manager at Collective Contractors

Ace Rental

“We find the Volvo excavators paired with the D-Lock Tilt hitches to be extremely versatile due to the ability to switch over attachments quickly, as well as being low maintenance and cost effective.”

Mick Sheldon, Director of Ace Rental

Yello Equipment

“Doherty is clearly known for the quality and innovation of their attachments. We notice how much our customers respect that quality, and the pairing of SANY and Doherty bring a whole new level of safety and reliability.”

Andy Hopcroft, General Manager of Yello Equipment

Tracks Concrete

“With the perfect record we’ve had with our Doherty attachments, we plan to continue using them in the future.”

Ken Young, Director of Tracks Concrete

Cooper Civil

“I’ve cleaned up whole areas, removing all rubbish and obstacles from the comfort of my cab. The controls really are intuitive and are exactly where you would want them.”

Rhys Cooper, Director of Cooper Civil

Multi Civil Contractors Limited

“Doherty tilt hitches have helped on our earthworks projects for batters and final trimming the site. They’ve also been fundamental on our drainage projects for trenching and backfilling and are now fitted on several machines and used across multiple projects.”

Cody Pepere, Director of Multi Civil Contractors Limited

P3 Earthworks

“We bought our first Doherty bucket in 2018 for a Hitachi 35-tonne digger. It seemed unique in its design for a large machine — deep to keep the capacity high but also narrow to ensure breakout force was not compromised. The quality of the service was also something that I won’t forget.”

Chad Empson, Director of P3 Earthworks

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