SB Civil Limited

“I’ve used Doherty since 2017, when my new excavator came with a D-Lock Tilt. We stick with them because of the build quality and great customer support – when a new machine arrives with a Doherty hitch or bucket on it, the boys froth over it!”

Josh Simpson, Director of SB Civil Limited

Wyatt Bartram Excavations

“I’ve never used a machine without a Doherty hitch of some sort. It’s not until you’re sitting in the cab, that you really appreciate the increased versatility of my machine. It’s really opened new avenues for my business. Combining the D-Lock hitch with the NOX has been an absolute game-changer. I’m doing the same amount of work in a fraction of the time; I can’t imagine using anything else on my machines.”

Wyatt Bartram, Owner/Director of Wyatt Bartram Excavations

Brownell Earthmoving

“The new safety legislation in New Zealand and Australia has been an excellent step forward for us all, but I also prefer the Doherty Tilt Bucket because of its solid construction and design integrity. It has a good range of tilt which allows you to cut a half to one batter at full tilt.”

Shane Brownell, Owner/Operator of Brownell Earthmoving

Moon Civil and Drainage

“Along with our Hitachi excavators, we use the Doherty D-Lock Tilt coupler pretty much on all our projects because the guys are constantly changing buckets throughout the day.

As well as specialist equipment, health and safety is a major part of everything we do, and the D-Lock Tilt’s automatic dual pin lock system makes for a far safer working environment.”

Rob Moon, Managing Director of Moon Civil and Drainage

Active Survey Limited

“We decided to use Doherty because of their reputation. We look for the best products in the industry but when it comes to finding a supply partner for equipment and systems that add value, the decision often comes down to the people more than anything else.
I like working with the guys at Doherty. The support you get from the team is the most important thing. They’ve got a good team and really easy to deal with.”

Bryce Kilpatrick, Managing Director of Active Survey Limited

Pulman Earthmoving Limited

“I’ve had other operators borrow my Doherty cleaning bucket and they’ve been massively impressed with how it cuts and picks up material. They ask to swap with their bucket brand so they can keep using mine!”

Dan Pulman, Owner/Operator of Pulman Earthmoving Limited