Cottle Contracting

“We finally got our new Sumitomo SH225, complete with Trimble GPS gear into work on the Kapiti Expressway in mid January and within days it was commissioned to undertake a 800m open drain south of Palmerston North. This contract to give the GPS and especially the tilt hitch a solid workout was a great opportunity.

I can’t give enough praise for the quality of your equipment as I was changing buckets probably up to 15 – 20 times in a day and so fast (15 seconds) too. The tilt was worked hard with both buckets and many native stumps were struck around 3m down and removed with no problems. The drain depth started around 3m and after almost 30,000m3 finished at 6m deep and on time (1 month) and on budget. So not a bad effort with the new combination of gear and a big thanks to your attachments which really proved its high quality and strength.”

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Brent Cottle, Co-owner and Operator of Cottle Contracting