Snaplock+ Tiltrotator


Tiltrotators for safety and efficiency

The most compact and optimized tiltrotator in the market

Steelwrist offers the most modern products for excavators and backhoe loaders up to 33 tons. Our products are simple, safe and effective to use in your daily work.

Specific product benefits

Thanks to a focus on steel molded components, we offer a compact tiltrotator with low building height and low weight that gives you optimized digging geometry and the best fuel efficiency.
• Cast steel in all major components for the best ratio strength to weight
• The lowest building height
• 45 ° tilt angle for greater flexibility
• Double acting tilt cylinders with check valve as option
• Vertical tilt cylinders that allow digging in narrow trenches
• Grease lubrication for longer life and possible to connect to your central lubrication system
• Six channel swivel with high flow for a flexible use with your tiltrotator

Front Pin Lock

Front pin lock is standard on all Steelwrist tiltrotators and quick couplers. It is a secure solution that works for all excavators.

Extended warranty

With simple means and regular maintenance you can easily extend the warranty on your tiltrotator. A few but important steps:

• Register your product at the time of purchase
• Service your product as instructed in the service manual
• Two checks ups by a specialist during the first two years

Simple and effective for you!

Gripper cassette - possible to retrofit

A fantastic tool and when you have got used to it you will never go back to working without. Casted four finger gripper for best durability and grip.

• Large opening
• Full closure
• Possible to retrofit

DATATAG theft protection

Protect your tiltrotator against theft and get better insurance conditions with DATATAG marking.

For more detailed information please visit Steelwrist.
More information coming soon...

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