Bucket Clamps and Thumbs

CLI Range
CLP Range
Doherty Engineered Attachments offer two types of Clamp design. Both are suitable for use with a bucket, a rake or even a ripper to provide a handy "Thumb Clamping Force" when handling large or odd shaped materials which will not fit in a bucket.

The CLI Range is a fully self-contained clamp which simply attaches to the underside of the dipper arm. Just connect up the control hoses through a cross line relieve valve and you are ready to go.

This style of clamp is very compact when folded and has a 120 degree useful clamping arc.

The CLP Range includes a longer replacement pin for your excavator’s dipper arm. Pivoting the clamp on the same pin as your bucket or hitch offers a significant advantage in that the clamp or pinch point remains constant no matter what angle the bucket is crowded to.

All Doherty Clamps feature the following as standard:
• Heavy duty cylinders with spherical bush mounting and each end
• Induction hardened pivot and cylinder pins
• Replaceable hardened steel bushes with integral grease tracks
• Purpose designed polyethylene buffers to eliminate direct contact with the dipper arm
• Rigid Hi Tensile and GR350 steel construction

More information coming soon...
More information coming soon...

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